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Nothing can grant a woman such charm as  long curved eyelashes


It is not just a job, it is art and pleasure to work with woman’s hair

Hair Extensions



Makeup can have a magical effect when performed by real masters

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This technique allows for a whopping 700 or more extensions to be applied per eye and gives an incredibly dense and lush look.

The method for applying these super light extensions is by creating a “fan” consisting of anywhere from 2 to 8 extensions that are then carefully attached to a single natural lash.

Full set of classic lash extentions

Lash extensions deliver the gorgeous lashes you want with one appointment every two weeks and you won’t have to bother applying and removing mascara every day, or worry about mascara flaking, running, or smearing.


Maintaining healthy hair is the number one priority for a blowout. Getting a blowout results in less damage for your hair, and thermal brushes are the key.

Define and enhance your eyes and brows to bring your look alive!

One Hour Sessions!

The custom tan is done by a highly trained staff member.